The Writers Store

Combining two of my great loves ... Writing and shopping.

The Writers Store has books, supplies, articles about writing, online courses and more, including the cute mouse pad pictured above.* It's worth a virtual visit (or an actual one--if you're on the left coast they have a store in Los Angeles, CA). They also have an affiliate program, which means that Gienna Writes gets a little cut of the action when you go to the store through this site and make a purchase (either click on a text link in this post or the banner ad in the sidebar to the right). Plus, SCBWI members get 15% off of books and software.

But the best part of this site is the "articles" section, which is totally free. There's a ton of great content here, including interviews like this one with Shawn Lawrence Otto, who co-wrote the screenplay for House of Sand and Fog, Q &A columns like this one on creating dialogue by writer and writing teacher David Freeman, as well as general articles on writing like this one by writer Marilyn Beker. A tad heavy on writing for movies and television, but there's still plenty here to explore for "regular" writers, too.

*Blogger seems to be having trouble with picture posting today, so at the moment there's no picture or banner.

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hi Gienna, thanks for participating in my blog! You rock!