From Boston, With Love

Visual Field, Chiaroscuro, VisuallyMinded, luminouslens and some other Baltimoreans have formed a photography group and, although I'm in Boston, they let me join in on this assignment, which was to photograph an onion. Click here for the background.

VF's first two onion photos are here and here. As others post their pictures I'll link to them, too.


Skip, The Middleman said...

Have you ever seen the book Play With Your Food? It makes me giggle like a schoolgirl.

I once saw an onion-shaped coatrack. Big green bulb at the bottom, and you hang your coats on the green leaves. I loved it but the artist wanted $1500 for it. I think my life will never be complete without an onion coatrack.

luminouslens said...

Nice organic layers on this onion. I like the perspective from which this was taken, and that it's white all around the onion, so you can't really see where it's situated. I'm glad you were inspired to participate!

We picked a theme for two weeks from now: utensils. (We decided two themes in one week was too much.) And we might do "water" after that. If you're interested, feel free to join in. After all, utensils and water are relatively universal, right? Unlike the arts center that we all had access to in Baltimore that would have been a long trip for you!

Katie said...

I am not getting a fast upload, but oh well. Your onion is so beautiful I didn't even recognize it. (sp?)

Visual-Field said...

Very nice! I like the diagonal composition, the successively peeled back layers of skin, the colors, and the textures. Also, whereas you could say, 'No onions were harmed in the making of this photograph,' I, alas, cannot say the same.

Katie said...

Hey G,
More photos please! Sammy nows says bless you, after you sneeze! Can you believe I'm here at friggin school!
PS no you killed my dog phone calls, plus Melissa says dogs can now have a little chocolate, they have proven it is not as deadly as they thought.

panthergirl said...

Wow...that is a very sexy picture of an onion. Seriously. I'm enjoying your blog, but while you're sprucing up the sidebar I would highly recommend switching to Haloscan comments. [warning: when you switch over you'll lose your current comments, but it is SO worth it]

claire-obscure said...

Wohoo! We have another player. I can't say I was very excited about the onion theme, but the utensils theme is a blast.