Bottoms Up at Marblehead Arts Association

Seven photos from my "Bottoms Up" series (including "Orange Crush," below) are currently on display at the Marblehead Arts Association.

There are several great artists exhibiting in a variety of mediums, including members of the all-women Professional Artists Dialogue Group, Jesa Damora, Adriana “Gigi” Mederos, Bobby Baker, and Gage Delprete.

The opening reception is Sunday, June 6 from 2-4 and the show runs through the end of the month.

Orange Crush

For hours, directions, etc. see

Guess I'm Just Not in a Blue Mood

Curves and Lines

When That shark Bites, With His Teeth, Babe

New(ish) photos. Apparently I've been in a brown and rusty mood. Which is too bad, because the Marblehead Arts Association summer show--entries due tomorrow--has a "blue/water" theme. Which is TOTALLY different from last summer's theme, "A Day at the Beach."