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Lancaster Hill 12X24

There are four new paintings up over at Studio Diane, now in its second year. Don't forget to wish the artist a happy birthday, too, while there are still a few days left in the month! (She celebrates for the full 30 days.)

In other news, KK is blogging again! Go see the marsupial!

The last five pounds are a _________.

Today I realized I have been on a diet for 17 months.


I haven't written about Weight Watchers for a while in part because there hasn't been much to report. I hit a plateau about five pounds from my goal and have been going up a little/down a little ever since. This is not to say that WW stopped working. Think about it--at least I'm not going up a little/up a little more.

I actually met my goal for a brief moment a few weeks ago. But then I panicked, set my goal a little lower, and then promptly gained four pounds. I'm so over that. I've picked a number and I'm sticking to it and when I get there I am going to be happy with it. And at least I have lots of practice maintaining the weight!

Anyway, today I signed up for what had BETTER be my last 17-week at-work session. I missed last week's meeting, but I'd guess I am about two pounds away from goal. It's funny to think how easy it was (in hindsight, anyway) to lose more than three pounds in the first week. But the last five pounds are a bitch. I'm not sure why that is, but I'm not going to give up yet. (Maybe tomorrow.)

The back story:

Week one: Freaking out.
Week two: Famished.
Week five: The first ten.
Week 10: Fixated on cake.
Seven months: Back to the Future.
Twelve months: Finally 40!

What I did on my summer vacation

This year's summer vacation was campy.

We had archery lessons:

2007 summer vaca062

2007 summer vaca067 Scene 1: Friends (for now)

And put on a play:

Scene 2: Fight to the death
(Sorry it's blurry, I think I was laughing.)

We had swimming:

2007 summer vaca018

2007 summer vaca019

2007 summer vaca034

2007 summer vaca041

And did arts and crafts:

2007 summer vaca049 2007 summer vaca051

2007 summer vaca059

And went on field trips:

All in all, a good time, lots of bugbites, steamed lobster dinners, did some shopping, got a pedicure, etc. etc.

Actually, it was remarkably similar to last year's summer vacation, though the pics of me and my chins look slightly different:

2007 summer vaca042 july06081