The same old scenic skyline

The same old scene

I've taken lots of photos from this vantage point (see?) but it was a pretty sunset and I wanted try it with my new camera. There's a big difference in the amount of detail you can see clearly -- in the clouds and the water and the skyline, for example. The details are even more noticeable in the larger size.

Three detailed views

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I took these Saturday morning at sunrise. It never ceases to amaze me what the light can do.

Picture #20

The first cut is the deepest
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Well, here it is, the first picture I've taken with my new camera.

OK, that's not exactly true. This is actually is the seventh photo I've taken with my new camera. The first six totally sucked. And actually, now that I think about it, I guess I deleted a bunch of photos before I took this one, so this is probably more like the 20th picture I've taken with the new camera. It's the inside of an upside-down dinghy at Fisherman's Beach in Swampscott ... a favorite subject and location for me, but with a new and unfamiliar camera, it took me that many tries to get it the way I wanted.

This hasn't been edited, except to lighten it up a tiny bit, though it definitely needs some work. One of the negatives about the camera I chose is that it tends to be noisy (ie you can see lots of grain in the photo), but that's something that can be fixed with photo editing software. I did buy the cheap version of Photoshop to use at home, but didn't realize it wouldn't work with my operating system, so I've had to upgrade to Windows XP and haven't had a chance to install everything yet. .

New Year's resolutions are so 2005

I just looked at the New Year's resolutions I made last year and I don't think I could have been any more filled with crap if I'd tried. I had waaaay too much time on my hands a year ago.

Best of 2005: On the Water

On the water

This photo of mine just got creamed by Cream Me group on Flickr. One of the best comments came from Vrai, who said he had the urge to lick it.

Vrai, if you're reading this, you can lick my photos any time.

Submitted to Photo Friday as my best of 2005 ... .