More freakin' baby pictures!

You know, my blog used to actually be about writing.

And now it's totally been taken over by babies!

They're everywhere!

The many faces of Calvin-roo The pout

The half-smile The flirty smile

Damn babies. Think they're so cute.

Happy pumpkin!*

Happy Pumpkin

The title (as indicated by the exclamation point) is totally ironic--why is it that dogs in costumes always look so miserable? In fact, she was wagging her tail and was perfectly happy all night in her puffy, warm, soft pumpkin outfit (well, OK, we had to ditch the hat). Barking and running around and poking her nose into everyone's candy bags and even trying, unsuccessfully, to roll over (she would get half-way and then the puffy pumpkin costume would let her roll no further).

Plus, doesn't she know how totally cute she looks?