No news is ...

... a sign of how crazy busy I've been.

A very quick update: Got a new digital SLR, but my computer died, so there will be no new photos from the new camera until I can replace the computer and get Photoshop running on it (unless I happen to take some perfect shots that need no editing--not likely). In the meantime, I did post a few precrash photos on Flickr, including some from little Cassidy's Christening, which was quite the event. I have more to edit and upload, though.

Also, yesterday I was wearing two different color socks.

Mothers disguised as chairs

Part interesting, part funny, part creepy, part objectification of women. KK and I were talking about Victorian-era photographs in which the mother (or perhaps a nanny or other caretaker) was disguised as a chair in order to keep the child still for the time it would take to expose the photograph. They didn't have f1.8 lenses back then! She asked me to post some pictures, so ...

Check outLazy Boy and crouching mother.

KK thinks they should have a similar set-up at Target.