Mothers disguised as chairs

Part interesting, part funny, part creepy, part objectification of women. KK and I were talking about Victorian-era photographs in which the mother (or perhaps a nanny or other caretaker) was disguised as a chair in order to keep the child still for the time it would take to expose the photograph. They didn't have f1.8 lenses back then! She asked me to post some pictures, so ...

Check outLazy Boy and crouching mother.

KK thinks they should have a similar set-up at Target.


Anonymous said...

Hilarious! I needed a good laugh and this was it! RF

Audrey May said...

Okay, KK doesn't actually think that.

Do you?

Would you really want to crouch disguised as a chair for that long?

Didn't those pictures actually take hours to do?

Am I asking enough questions?

Anonymous said...

Very interesting and creepy!


Gienna said...

Funny, I never even checked back for comments on this!

Well, KK didn't answer audrey may but she did say at least Target should have their blankets cleaned once a week!

The pics didn't take hours to do ... but maybe each exposure would be four or five minutes or so? I understand that in lieu of mothers as chairs, they sometimes clamped the baby's head in a vice to keep it still. Would that be better than having mom crouch under a blanket?