There are two little kittens and a mom cat living in the landscaping outside of the Starbucks at the Arizona Grand Resort. They seem very happy in this small space with its fake rocks. But it makes me a little sad.

What? You don't know about lolcats?

The view from here

A quick peep

Traveling again, this time I'm back in Arizona. I tried to count how many conferences I've been to here and I'm pretty sure this is the fourth one. I like Arizona, the weather is lovely. But when I'm at a big resort--this one is something like 135 acres--I tend to feel a little trapped, even with so much space around me. I took this photo through the security peephole in my room. Don't worry, though, I really have actually ventured outside.

And happily ever after

Erin and Anthony213

Erin and Anthony250 Erin and Anthony247

Erin and Anthony223 Erin and Anthony227

Before & during (but not after)

Here are a few of my faves from Erin and Anthony's wedding. These are the before pictures (getting ready) and the during pictures (at the church). I didn't get a lot of pictures of either Erin or Anthony. After all, they had a real photographer and I wasn't about to get in his way.

I'll post some pictures from the reception as soon as I get a chance. Or you can look at them in my "Erin and Anthony" set on Flickr. I'm bored of telling you that most are marked friends and family only and that if you want to see them you have to sign up and add me as a contact.

Erin and Anthony009

Erin and Anthony015

Erin and Anthony119

Erin and Anthony129

Erin and Anthony149

Erin and Anthony177

Erin and Anthony - 10.12.08

Erin and Anthony030

Stay tuned for pictures from Erin and Anthony's wedding--I will post them as soon as I can. Eventually, you will find them all here.

Silver and gold blues

Untitled I spent part of the weekend framing photos for the Marblehead Arts Association winter members show. The show will last through the holidays and the theme is silver and gold--all submissions must be in either a silver or gold frame.

What did I learn from this? That almost all of my photos look sucky framed in silver or gold. I managed to find five that kind of sort of work. This is one of them. Be interesting to see the reaction in Marblehead to my fem-bots. I put this one in a matching frame and I like the way they look together.

Anyway, here's the scoop on the show. Bring money. I need it.

November 1–December 24
“Silver & Gold”
8 Hooper Street, Marblehead, Mass.
Reception: Sunday, November 2nd, 2–4pm
Holiday Party: December 14th, 2–4pm

When robots (do not) attack, take two

Based on some feedback from my Flickr friends, I edited the photo in my previous post. The skew tool in photoshop truly does wonders with straightening out wonky lines and correcting distortion. I recropped the photo to make the composition a 50/50 split (more like a diptych). And I cloned out some small bits in the upper part of the picture that became more distracting in the new version.

When Robots (do not) attack 2