And life goes on

Simon looks the other way ...

Dog sitting this past week ... it was very, ah, eventful to say the least. But despite a few bumps in the road (including a trip to the vet for Simon) the doggies had a lovely time together.

Sit/stay The problem with models

Beagle at rest Simon waits

Simon goes home today ... And though I know he'll be happy to see his family, we are going to miss having him as a member of our little pack.

April Daisy May

Fire Cat

My little girl, who has been pretty sick for a couple of months now, died in her sleep sometime during the night on Saturday. She'd mostly stopped eating and by Friday she had pretty much stopped walking, too. She was all skin and bones and didn't even really look like the same fiesty fat cat I'd had for 16 years. She didn't seem to be in any pain, but it was clear the end was coming. She even let me hold her in my lap and pet her--something she never put up with when she was well. I made an appointment with the vet to put her to sleep on Saturday. Stubborn to the end (she hated the car and she really hated going to the vet) she decided not to wait.

Pets are just a heartbreak waiting to happen, aren't they?



A couple more snaps from my vacation. Did I mention I took a lot of pics?

'Float' On Black



'Point' On Black

What I did on my summer vacation

Back from vacation, though still in vacation mode. Yesterday around 3 o'clock I had the feeling I was forgetting something ... and realized what was missing was a big glass of wine in a red plastic cup.

The big news from lake Winnisquam is that the dog finally learned to swim. She's always been timid around water and, like a little old lady who doesn't want to get her hair wet, never went in past her ankles. But after I threw her off the dock a couple of times, she got over it.

Fetch H20

She spent the whole week swimming, thinking about swimming, soaking wet because she'd just been swimming, or passed out exhausted from all the swimming. Mostly she would only go in to fetch a stick or her floating squirrel or kong. But on the last morning she went in on her own and swam around a little bit just for the fun of it. She never did get up the courage to jump off the dock and into the water, but she spent some time thinking about it.

Thinking about it Post swim lessons

I did some antiquing, went to the outlet mall and bought some clothes in my current (smaller) size, became addicted to sudoku puzzles, took a bunch of photos, drank a lot of wine, ate lobster and other yummy things, laid on the beach, read, went for walks, took naps, got a pedicure (you only get to see that picture small), and the Friday before vacation went out for a lunchtime sail with some of my co-workers ... in short, it was a damn near-perfect vacation.

Enjoy the


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