More freakin' baby pictures!

You know, my blog used to actually be about writing.

And now it's totally been taken over by babies!

They're everywhere!

The many faces of Calvin-roo The pout

The half-smile The flirty smile

Damn babies. Think they're so cute.


Anonymous said...

Hey G,
Babies are too cute, but you do write some stories too!
I love the bottom left face the best!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Gienna... how I'm going to love sending you pics of our baby boy, who is due at Christmas! Just glad I could add to the fun...

- Alice

Gienna said...

SHUT UP!!!!! That is wonderful, exciting news! You totally knocked my socks off, leaving such an announcement on the blog! We LOVE breaking news here ... and despite the fact that we tease, we LOVE babies, too!