What I did on my summer vacation

This year's summer vacation was campy.

We had archery lessons:

2007 summer vaca062

2007 summer vaca067 Scene 1: Friends (for now)

And put on a play:

Scene 2: Fight to the death
(Sorry it's blurry, I think I was laughing.)

We had swimming:

2007 summer vaca018

2007 summer vaca019

2007 summer vaca034

2007 summer vaca041

And did arts and crafts:

2007 summer vaca049 2007 summer vaca051

2007 summer vaca059

And went on field trips:

All in all, a good time, lots of bugbites, steamed lobster dinners, did some shopping, got a pedicure, etc. etc.

Actually, it was remarkably similar to last year's summer vacation, though the pics of me and my chins look slightly different:

2007 summer vaca042 july06081

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Anonymous said...

Hey G,
Cute pics! Is that Uncle Bob? Looks a little dangerous!