My Mother's Hands

Sometimes I like a photograph when I first see it, but then the more I look at it, the less I like it. I'm undecided on this one. I had this shot in my head before I even bought the onion, but it didn't come out exactly as I planned. I might try it again but this time I'd be more careful with the composition. I do like the details you can see in my mother's hands, which get lots of use -- she's an artist and a gardener and a quilter, among other things. If you look closely, you can see a pin prick mark on the tip of one of her fingers.

Anyway, I think this photo will make a nice writing prompt as described in last Monday's Post. Hands are a good subject for photography and for writing.

Also, Luminous Lens has posted two of her onion photos here and here. Love 'em both.


Anonymous said...

love the onion pics :)

Fidget said...

I like the composition but i think you need a different color onion. The slight redness in the hands and the purple color of the onion work until you get to the shadowed parts.. then it looks more blobby then compased. I love the detail you can see in her hands, have you tried it as a black and white? Also have you tried peeling or quarting the onion so you can see the richness if the layers? That next to her garden worked hands makes in interesting stament about the layers of peoples lives... hmm maybe i'm nuts. In any event. I hope you like the feed back (i too am an artist- just currently in a slumbering phase)

Katie said...

Hey G,
I like the onion the way it is. Red on red is fine. PS I tried to do a post but it didn't work. It went to the Kctwink site. I'll have to figure out what to do. I have the next 2 days off.

Gienna said...

Fidget -- I love feedback. I should say that more often. I think you're right about the tones in the photo, Katie's comment notwithstanding. A yellow or white onion would add some contrast. I also think a more earthy onion, not so pretty, might work better. I did try Black and white, but that didn't really work any better (or worse).

Katie-- Start at the Blogger Dashboard (remember how I showed you to click the B at the top of your blog?) and, after signing in, make sure you click on the title of the blog you want to post to. Alternatively, you could delete the blog you're not using to keep things simple.

If you don't want to re-write the entry, you can highlight the text on the KCtwink site, click copy, then paste it into a new post form and publish it to the correct site.

That's your assignment for today. Your assignment for tomorrow is to find the "link" button" and the "check spelling" button in the post form.

And use them.