Help Wanted

I'm feeling discombobulated and anxious today. I know why I'm feeling out of sorts, but just knowing the cause of a feeling doesn't make it go away. It's like I need to do something, but I don't know what to do. I pace from room to room looking for something that will snap me out of this mood, but my mind won't settle on one thing longer than the time it takes me to think Nope, that's not it. I sit down at the computer and jump back up again. I think about writing and get discouraged before I even begin. I think about looking for some new freelance leads and get angry about an ad I saw last week that paid less than a penny a word. I think about working on my taxes and that makes me feel even more anxious. I think about doing the dishes and that makes me want to break things. I think about going back to bed, but I have too much nervous energy that needs to be expended.

I think I need somebody to slap me.


Katie said...

Hey G,
So your feeling better, I see. No really if you want me to come over and slap you I will. But seriously I could be up to a walk this afternoon, if you want. PS what did you think of the evite?

Levi said...

Hey There. I definitely know the feeling. Kind of like restless, anxious boredom, even though you know there are things to do. One thing that definitely can help me SOMETIMES is to do a form of procrastination that puts things in more perspective. Basically, it just amounts to creating a to-do list. You can do it on a piece of paper or on your computer, but either way, write descriptions for what's involved in each tast, their priority, possibly a due date, etc. Doesn't mean you even have to stick to it, but writing it down and having something tangible in front of me somehow can make me feel a little more in control...

J9 said...

When I feel restless, I take a road trip... maybe a trip south is in order?

Anonymous said...

Here are some of the things that make me feel discombobulated and anxious:
--too much caffeine
--not enough exercise
--avoiding something important that I need to be working on
--not enough sleep
--not enough time doing things I think are important (reading good books, spending time with friends, talking to family, playing music, etc.).

The solution (for me) is to: cut back on caffeine, get some exercise, tackle the unfinished project, go to bed earlier, and spend time on important stuff. It sounds like some of this might help in your situation.

Re: taxes. You want to know how much you owe, right? Try to do a rough and dirty version, get the bad news, and start planning for how to pay it. Knowing always causes less anxiety than not knowing. Even if it's bad, just tell yourself you can cope and start listing your resources. You have survived before and you will again. Don't forget, you're a full-time writer! You shall overcome!

I also liked the idea for making a to-do list (above).


Gienna said...

:) I was reading that last comment, by "anonymous" and thinking, "Wow, it sounds like this person knows me." Then I read a little more and I thought, "Hey, that sounds like something RCAS would say!"

Tee hee.

No, I am feeling better. And it's all good advice. The to do list to gather your thoughts. The exercise to burn off some of the nervous energy. Even the cutting back on the coffee, much as I hate to admit it. (Couldn't I just start drinking heavily instead?)

Anyway, great comments from all of you as usual. (Although Katie is far too excited by the prospect of slapping me.) I like to hear from you guys--you cheer me up and serve as my water cooler conversation, since I don't have a water cooler here at the office. Or co-workers. Well, I have a Britta water pitcher. And the animals. But it's not the same, you know?