Note To Self:

Didn't you say you were going to stop reading Chick Lit? Didn't you? So why were you up until 2:30 a.m. last night reading The Nanny Diaries? And another thing. Why did the fact that Nanny gets earmuffs bother you more than the way the parents treat their child? That was some seriously misplaced righteous indignation, there.


Anonymous said...

The Nanny Diaries - I liked that book
Boy, reading through your blogs - alot to catch up on
I hope you are sending out the short story -- "asleep awake
You are a writer and a photographer. Yes, you are.

Anonymous said...

I loved reading that book. I note that there are really parents like that. I am torn between hoping that I never actually meet parents like that and hoping I do meet parents like that. At least once so I can give them a totally disparaging, ugly look that will hopefully make them feel like pond scum.

Gienna said...

Yeah, but don't you wonder if they would even notice your look? Let alone deign to let it bother them? I was wondering today if women like the character in that book (and you *know* they exist) have read The Nanny Diaries. Do you think they recognize themselves? Somehow I doubt it.