Photo Friday: Crowded

This week's Photo Friday challenge was "crowded." You know what? I don't like crowds. I went through all of my pictures and, sure enough, no crowds. So I am going to post a picture of two cows. They're kind of crowded together. Bit of a stretch, I know.

But WAIT! To make up for it, I'm going to tell you a story. One that has to do with photography and also happens to loosely fit the "crowded" theme. And it's not even very long. I swear. But first, here are the cows:

A crowd of cows, above, one of which has a heart-shaped mark on her forehead. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we in the newspaper business call a cutline.

Before I decided to get a degree in journalism I enrolled in a photography program at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston. I volunteered for the student newspaper, which was called The Third Rail. My first assignment was to take a picture of the new restaurant that the students in the culinary program had started. So I took my Pentax K1000 up to the top floor, where the restaurant had been set up. A short time later I was back in the newspaper office.

"How did it go?" the newspaper advisor asked me. "Did you get a picture?"

"Um, no," I said. "I think I'll go back later."

"Why?" he asked. "What happened?"

"I couldn't get a good shot," I said.

"Why not?" he asked.

"It was too crowded," I said. "The place was packed with students and faculty."

After giving me a withering look, he sent someone else up to photograph the restaurant and put me to work writing cutlines. But that's OK. I liked writing cutlines. And it turned out I was good at it.

Heck, I thought to myself. I could write cutlines 'till the cows come home.


Mr. Fun said...

You got me started: Click.

Gienna said...

I saw. In fact, I voted for you. (You can vote once for as many photos as you like.)


Katie said...

Hey G,
I'm still in a bad neighborly way. And I can't wait to move out, it might inspire me to get pre-approved!!!!!!!!!!!!
But I love the subliminal message...... uhm who's idea was that???????
I know enough with the punctuation. But it is just the mood I'm in.
I remember when those cow photos were taken.

Gienna said...

That story about your neighbors???????? YOU SHOULD PUT THAT IN YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!

Happy and Blue said...

Nice site. I love the picture of the cows.