Three Links to Make You Laugh

Paper Sack Lifetime: One Year. Washboard abs. A million dollars. Starting from zero. Sounds like a movie tagline, doesn't it? Granted, the movie would go straight to video. But still. Listen, it's not every day you find a funny, well-written blog so soon after it was started. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and start reading the narrative from the beginning. Or the end. You know what I mean. And, while you're there, click on an ad, will ya?

Mr. Fun's Fun House: One-third sarcastic, one-third idealistic, one third goofball. And really, really, smart. Do you remember what it was like to be 13? Mr. Fun will bring it all back with typo-ridden ramblings on almost any topic infused with the unique energy of the world's hippest 13-year-old novelist who also enjoys scones. How can you not love a kid who changed his blog's tagline from this: "The Best Blog Ever Created By a Thirteen Year Old? Possibly." To this: "The Best Blog Ever Created By a Thirteen Year Old? Probably." I'm going to go out on a limb and say he should change it to "definitely."

Jalapeno Burns - Unauthorized Website of Comedian Jesse Gersten: I totally shouldn't like this web site. It's ugly, hard to read, hard to navigate, and slightly offensive. It's also effing hysterical. Mostly stream-of-consciousness rants and observational humor with some unforgettable lines thrown in. But the best part is the cartoon-style illustrations. I love the one of the high chick impaling the old man on her hood ornament. And the d-bag Irish bouncer with the black eye. I totally shouldn't like this web site. But I do. Plus, he's from Boston. (Well, duh, where else would you find a d-bag Irish bouncer with a black eye?)


Katie said...

Hey G,
I heard that you sat with Sammy. Lucky you. I checked out the sites. Do you think that kid is really 13. My site would never look like that! How come yours doesn't look like that. and what kind of advice is that from a former teacher! (skip you HW, and work on the blog)

Gienna said...

Hey KK,

Why would anyone lie about being 13? It's not like it's that great of an age. All that angst!

The machine cut you off the other night, but the short answer to your question is no, it's not illegal.


Mr. Fun said...

Well golly gee willikers. Never thought I'd see the day.

Anyhow, it'd be bloody awesome if I could make a template like that myself (as well as having enough time to), but I just copy-pasted it from this helpful website, although they appear to have destroyed their archives.

Skip, The Middleman said...

The Jalapeno link doesn't work. But it does remind me of a friend who claims to have come up with the perfect recipe for jalapeno omlettes. You use two eggs and two whole jalapenos. Then you're sick for two days.

Gienna said...

Apparently the Diaryland server is down. While you're waiting, you can look at Jesse Gersten's old site, here.

Anonymous said...

Does Jesse Gersten have a comedy show somewhere? If so I would like to go, you me and KK.
I loved the bit about the "People's Choice Award" show.
I made the same remarks to P - I always thought that I would be a good comedienne. (The jamal warner who?? or how did that happen bit)
One could get hooked on reading blogs.