Red Rose Hips in the Rubble

(Click on the picture for a larger, clearer image.)

Spent some time at the beach this afternoon with the dog and my camera. It was so still and quiet. A very cold, overcast day. Steel gray and shadowless. The flat lack of contrast and misty ocean air made everything look like an old, faded painting. The mostly monochromatic landscape was dotted with surprises of color that I might not have noticed on a sunny day. Red rose hips, rust-clored bricks amidst construction rubble and debris, green trash barrels, yellow spray paint and black tires. Overall I'd say the shots I got were worth braving the biting cold for. The dog had fun, too.

* Visual Field suggested cropping this picture (see the comments). I took a bit off from the right and from the bottom, as he suggested. I think he was right. What do you think?


Visual-Field said...

This is beautiful! Definitely the best of the images I've seen on your site. (Let me be quick to say that I haven't looked at all of your posts, so there may well be other amazing images, too). I might consider cropping up from the bottom just a tiny bit, to focus attention more definitively on the rose hips.

Gienna said...

It's not just that the cluster of rose hips are off center--they're also cropped off at the top. But there's something I like about this composition. I have some where the berries are more centered (and not cut off). I'll post them later and maybe you'll see what I mean. (Maybe not, but that's cool, too.)

Visual-Field said...

You don't necessarily want the rose hips centered; in fact I was thinking about suggesting that you also crop a bit from the right to move them further off-center. Centered compositions often look too static. Nor do I see it as a problem that the top hip is cut off. It seems to me that you want attention drawn to the lower hips, where the sharp focus is.

Visual-Field said...

I like the new crop. Thanks for giving it a try.