Fear and Self-Loathing

Last week I finished a short story (excerpts here) and sent emails to two people I trust asking them to read it. Of course they said yes right away, which totally freaked me out. I promptly started cleaning the house and writing really long blog entries and falling asleep on the couch and basically doing anything short of actually printing out two copies of the story, sticking them in envelopes and taking them to the post office. Really. I'm a writer. This is what writers do. So what's up? Why am I so frightened? Why do I imagine having a conversation with two (very nice, very kind, very supportive) people who feel obligated to tell me that I totally suck? I've actually caught myself feeling guilty for putting them in that position!

Today. I am going to do it today.

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Anonymous said...

G-- I'm sure you know this, but kind people, especially editors (ones who claim to be good at what they do), do not tell you you suck (!!!). They tell you what's working (for them--it's subjective, after all), and what's not working so well (for them), and they give suggestions for making it even better. It's like sending your short story to a high-class finishing school. And if you don't like the suggestions, you can just say, "Wadda they know, anyway!" ;)