Not Everything I Write is Brilliant: Here's Proof

OK. I know this sounds silly. But I was just checking out Blogthings, via Jen Garrett's sideblog. And I found this quiz that tells you who your famous blogger twin is. And mine came out as Wil Wheaton. I like Wil and I like his blog, OK? But I'm not really sure I did the quiz right.

Here's the question I had the most trouble with:

What do people like most about your blog?
* How funny it is
* How geeky it is
* How interesting your stories are
* How genuine it is
* How well thought out your posts are
* How informative it is
* How egomaniacal you are

OK, I added that last one.

Do me a favor, will you? Leave a comment and tell me how should I have answered. You know how to comment, don't you? And it's OK if you've only known me for 29 seconds because you came here via Blog Explosion or Blog Clicker. Whatever. Feel free to make something up, OK?


karenology said...

I just did that quiz and got Wil Wheaton also. After re-doing it a bunch of times, I've determined that it's only possible to be either Wil Wheaton or Moby. You get Moby if you're ranty or stream-of-consciousness, so I guess(?) you should be happy with your result!

sapere aude said...

Oh, definitely how interesting your site is. *s* BTW, I love the pics on your site.

Jilly said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, it cracked me up!

You didn't need to answer the questions individually, just putting 'I ROCK' as an overall answer would have been fine. Because quite clearly, from reading, you do!

Visual-Field said...

I was going to say because it's funny and genuine, and because you write about writing. However, given that I haven't actually met you, you could be a 97-year-old male serial ax murderer who lives in South America and doesn't really spend 3 hours a day writing. So I'm going to change my answer to SEEMS genuine. :-)

Edgar said...

What does exactly a "genuine" blog mean? Are there non-genuine blogs? People become bloggers because they want (and many of them with no many more good reasons), does some of them actually plagiarize others?

Gienna said...

Thank you all for the lovely comments and for taking the time to make them in the first place. I really do look like my picture and I really am 37 and I really do wish I could find a single guy as nice as VF who lives in this neck of the woods.

And I like to think that I do, indeed, rock.

And Edgar, I think you raised an interesting point. Of course there are people on the Internet who are not genuine. And that includes people who have blogs, even though it does seem that bloggers tend to be pretty open and honest about themselves.

But have you ever read a post that kind of made you gasp because it was so obviously, brutally honest? Those posts illustrate that there are degrees of honesty, or genuineness.

I censor myself sometimes. Sometimes because I want to spare someone's feelings and sometimes because I'm just not feeling courageous enough to write what's really going on. On the other hand, sometimes I just put it all out there because I'm in that kind of mood. So perhaps I'm partially genuine. Mostly genuine. Almost completely genuine.

But I still totally rock.

Thanks again, guys! You all totally rock, too.


Mr. Fun said...

I was Dave Barry.

Oh and by gosh why the Dickens would one believe I'm 13.

Marco said...

I was here by bc!!!

Marco said...
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Zee said...

Interesting discussion of self-censorship! I had this same discussion a month or so ago, and didn't really resolve it much except to realize that I censor myself because, well, my grandmother reads my blog, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to hear about my sex life. :)

Thanks, by the way, for your comment on my blog earlier. Your site is great - I'll be back.