Blogger Etiquette One-Oh Freakin' One

Please do not post other people's content and say that you "forgot" where you saw it. You had time to right click, highlight, copy, and paste the text into another file but not to add the blog to your favorites folder? Or click "blog this" on your Google Toolbar? Or do a Google search and find the original author? What you are saying when you do that is that you liked someone's content enough to steal it, but not enough to stay on their site for more than 30 seconds. You know who you are.

And, as long as I'm ranting, could I just say something else? If you find a site that you like you can leave a comment saying so. Or you can post a link to the site on your own blog, if you have one. It's that simple. What is up with people asking for a link exchange, as if they aren't willing to say they like my blog unless I say I like theirs, too? It's not that I don't like your blog. It's that there are a freakin' million blogs and other web sites out there and if I find one I like I'm going to tell people about it and post a link to it, OK? Not because they did something for me, but because it's a good blog and I think people might like it.

That is all.

Well, except for this. While searching for links for this post I found this, which is pretty funny. And I also just want to say that I knew these pictures of Bill Gates posing for Teen Beat Magazine, which were originally posted on Monkey Methods, were fishy. The Museum of Hoaxes thought so, too. Click here for their take on it. By the way, the truth doesn't make the photos any less hilarious.

And another thing. If you're using a viewer such as Blog Explosion or Blog Clicker and you want to save a site to your favorites but you don't want to get kicked out of the frame, there's a very simple solution. You just right-click on any link on the page and choose "open in new window." Viola, a new window opens and you can navigate back to the main page and add it to your favorites. The trick also sometimes works if you're having trouble commenting. Right click on the "leave a comment" link and proceed as described.

Oh and one last thing (seriously). Poor little Snow Tire photograph -- you got bumped off the page today and no one ever commented on you.



Mel said...

Nice blog! I like your photographs!

Pressed said...

You know, I just read a blog yesterday that had information on it from another blog and they said that they couldn't remember which one. I thought that was lame. Then I read your post about this same issue today. Kinda funny. Anyway, I agree.

Peter Allyn said...

I must admit that I took a comment from someone's blog and used to help follow up on I something I wrote and didn't say where I got it, and I feel bad too, because I felt I was trying to help the person with their dilema.
The only thing I can think of, is just how focused I am on my own thoughts. I will try to do better in the future and I thank you for taking the time to mention it.

Skip, The Middleman said...

I leave posts on blogs I surf into all the time, and you know what? Very few people ever bother to respond. Bugs the heck out of me.

Couch said...

another way to get links with blogclicker is to click on the report button. it will give you a list of your last five pages. then you can either click on the link or click on the button. if you click on the button it reports it. if you click on the link though it opens it up in a new window.

Gienna said...

GREAT comments, everybody. I like Couch's suggestion. And Skip? You know what? I'm totally not responding to your comment.

Actually, I don't know what the etiquette is on responding to comments. Are you supposed to reply to each one? What if the people never come back to your site? Or are you supposed to go to their blogs and leave a comment there?

I expect an answer, Skip!


Robbie said...

That has to be the best rant I've read in quite a while! Bravo!!! Forgive me but I just have to point traffic your way.

Skip, The Middleman said...

Why should I respond to your comment if you didn't respond to mine? And not only didn't you respond to mine, you TOTALLY didn't respond to mine. So I'm WAY TOTALLY not responding to yours! Sothere!

Anonymous said...

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