But Not Funny Ha-Ha

You know what's funny? When you spend a week (or more) obsessing over your resume and clips, fretting over what kind of paper to use, making sure everything looks just right and then making three trips to the photocopy center to make a few hundred photocopies and then seeing the very job you want advertised in the classified section of the very paper you want to work for ...

And they only accept electronic applications.


Alicia said...

Baaah! I hate job hunting! The minute I taught myself Illustrator (ok, I only learned the basics) and made this awesome resume, everyone all of a sudden wanted just Word documents or an 8 page application filled out by hand.

My ubertechy boyfriend showed me how to drag their 8 page PDF into Illustrator and type in all the information, saving my hand and their eyesight, so at least Illustrator came in handy for something.

So how exactly do you submit all your clips electronically? Or are they not asking for clips?

Gienna said...

Nope -- clips, too. And incomplete applications are not considered.

I ended up scanning in all my clips and making a sort of rudimentary online portfolio and included the link in my email cover letter. In ONE day and from SCRATCH, mind you. It's a good thing I taught myself some basic HTML.

Other alternatives would be to provide links to the stories in the paper's online archives or attach the original word document, but I didn't have either. A PDF file might have worked, too, but Joe Grimm at Ask the Recruiter says they crash his email system and he has to delete them unread.

Although I personally would prefer an old-fashioned resume and clips, I guess it makes sense from the employer's point of view. With the job market as tight as it is, I'm guessing it weeds out a certain number of applicants. And they know they're getting people who have a digital clue.

Seriously, though. Eight pages? And handwritten? That seems like a bit much to me.

Alicia said...

The 8 pages was for a job at the library. The position is actually more glamorous than it sounds, but for the library, I probably shouldn't be surprised at the 8 application. The frustrating part was that everything they asked in the app was already in my resume and cover letter which they were asking for also. Grrrrr!

Congrats on getting all that done in one day! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!