Life is Just a Box of Lipstick

I wrote this back in February and submitted an excerpt to a contest in Glamour magazine. You were supposed to describe your first kiss. The prize was $400 worth of lipstick. It's actually probably a good thing I didn't win.

First Kiss
A secret spot, not far from home
And yet a world away we roamed
Side by side, his hand in mine,
Up wooded paths we slowly climbed.

We sat upon a rocky ledge
And swung our feet over the edge
And then our lips grazed quick and prim
My first kiss; the same for him.

I spoke my first thought in a rush
“Your lips are soft,” I said, and blushed
His blurted words made mine less dumb:
“And yours taste just like bubble gum.”

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Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

That is kind of sweet.