A Wild Goodbye

Wild Women Outfitters, a locally-owned and operated business in Arlington, MA, is going out of business after 5 and a half years. Terry Austin, the store's owner, blamed the economy and competition from big business for the closing in an e-mail to customers today. The store had great active-wear and sporting gear and also ran fun seminars, author signings, and other events, as well as sponsoring fund-raisers for breast cancer research.

Sadly, I no longer live near the store, but I used to love going there. It's where I first learned about quick-drying underwear. So if I were to go hiking in the Alps or something, now I know I only need to pack two pairs: one to wear and one to wash and quick-dry. Who knew? Plus, how do you not like a store that caters to wild women?

I'm not sure what will happen with the website. But if you live near Arlington and have even a mildly active life, you should head down there see what you can get for 50% off. The doors close when the walls are bare. The address is 397 Massachusetts Ave. (877) 345-9453.

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