I Was Told There Wouldn't be any Math

I have this recurring dream, that tends to recur whenever I'm feeling uncertain about my future. In the dream, I find out that I never actually graduated high school, and I have to go back to finish one last class. No matter how hard I try, I always end up failing.

Sometimes it's because I forget to go to class and suddenly it's the last week of the semester and there's no way I can make up the work. Sometimes it's because I forget to study and my grade depends on passing one final test for which I am unprepared. Sometimes I fail because I can't understand the material. Sometimes I just get lost and can't find either the school or the way to the classroom.

Last night I dreamed I failed high school because someone murdered me and my teacher didn't think that was a good enough reason for turning in my assignment late.

The dream always ends the same way: with me deciding that I don't care if I never finish high school, I'm not taking effing algebra ever again.


Robert said...

I thought being murdered was grounds for at least an incomplete.

My anxiety dream often has to do with showing up for my comprehensive exams and realizing one of them is in feminist literary theory, something I never studied. I HATE that.

Visual-Field said...

I used to have these kinds of anxiety dreams (although getting murdered is carrying it a bit far). If it's any consolation, as a college professor I mpw have dreams about forgetting to show up to teach my classes.

Visual-Field said...

I meant 'now' instead of 'mpw'; (Now tonight I'll probably have dreams about typos causing me to fail a course.)