Creative Visualization

Do you believe in creative visualization? You know, the idea that you can make something happen by creating a vivid picture of it in your mind? My mom does. Of course, when you're an extremely creative person, your visualization has extra oomph.

This is my mom's vision of me at my new job, hunched over a computer, while my new bosses look on. They are so excited at how great I am that they are actually hugging each other with joy:

Let's hope it works, because I just transferred the last of my savings into my checking account.


Anonymous said...

Why are there no comments?
I want to see comments!
BTW - I recommend the book "Bel Canto" by Ann Patchett;
this is a good read...

Katie said...

I'm visualizing an awesome interview today!!!!
Good Luck!
D Someone else recommended that book to me. I have a good read that I know my mom will love.
Lucia, Lucia by Adrianna Trignoli sp?