Is It Spring Yet?

I've been having trouble with the Hello program, which I usually use to upload photos to Blogger, then I remembered (duh) that I can use Flickr to upload and post pictures, too. So to make up for the dearth of color around here of late, I offer these three pictures of the pussy willow tree in my side yard in all of its spectacular bloominess against yesterday's blue, blue sky.

Now it'll probably snow tonight.


Visual-Field said...

Nice photos! I'm so excited that spring is here. For what it's work, I use photobucket for uploading photos, and have never had a moment of trouble.

Mr. Fun said...

Hello is incredibly fantastic, although I haven't used it in about a month. Sometimes it opens itself, which is pretty odd, but it's really fun to use, which is nice, because I've only uploaded about 400 photos.