Spring in New England

Ah, Spring. The earth smells fresh and musky as it thaws after a long, harsh winter. The crocuses and johnny jump-ups have pushed their pretty faces through the warm soil, seeking out the sun. The pussy willow in the side yard is already in full bloom, its soft little brown buds exploding into yellow puffs of fluff. The grass turned from mostly brown to almost green overnight. And the snow is drifting down in big, fat, lazy flakes.

That's right: I said snow.


Anonymous said...

Okay - Cheryl and I were quietly painting today in the studio, when the phone rang and it was Christine to let me know that Enrico gave her an A - on her painting that she completed today ( I had not thought to ask for a grade) and I glanced out the window and screamed - it's SNOWING.
yes it is snowing. And then I hung up.
Love D

J9 said...

Oh my God!

Alicia said...

Thanks, you've just cured the little bout of homesickness I've been having lately. :-)

Measi said...

As I got home last night, I looked up and tried to disbelieve in the snow. No way-- couldn't be snowing.

But sure enough, yes, it was. And it was coming down for a bit on the South Shore. I was worried it would start collecting on the grass again.