The Dog Gets Girly

The kids who live two doors down from me are totally in love with the dog. Recently, they brought her a bag of presents, including some dog treats, a ball, and a cheerleader outfit.

What, you've never seen a dog with blond ponytails?


Mr. Fun said...

Oh man. That's irristable.

Mr. Fun said...

What an idiot. I had to use a dictionary.


Visual-Field said...

This is great! It does, though, confirm my impression that dogs have little dignity. My cats would never put up with something like that.

chiaroscuro said...

Holy cow, that is cute!

StuckHereWithNoTV said...

Too cute. I think that picture could cause Elmyra from Tiny Tunes Syndrome: "I'm gonna hug it, and squeeze it, and love it to widdle-bitty pieces forever and ever and ever..."

Anonymous said...

How could the cutest dog get any cuter?