"I'm Breezy"

So yesterday afternoon, feeling confident because my clips and resume are finally done and looking stellar, I decide to start making phone calls to local editors to chat them up a bit, see if they're looking for anyone, and to make sure I've got their names spelled right. I decided to start with the easiest phone call: to a paper I used to work for and an editor I used to work with. I got his voice mail and left what was, at the start at least, a halfway normal message.

And then realized I couldn't remember my phone number.


Alicia said...

I hate voicemail with every fiber of my being. The minute I start talking my mind goes blank and I either babble too much to make up for it or leave out the important points like why I was calling in the first place.

Congrats on finishing your clips and resume!

Robert said...

I'm with AB. I tend to be a babbler on voice mail--way too much information.

And I, too, have forgotten my own phone number when leaving a message.

Anonymous said...

hi gienna. it's 2.28am here and reading your blog, or at least today's entry, was something i enjoyed - something which gave this empty night a certain sense of direction. we all get lost sometimes, and all forget who we are - phone numbers included - right now i have to try and remember what i was doing with my life, or should be.

Katie said...

So any bites yet???

TaraMetBlog said...

haha I like the Friends reference, I always think of that when I'm leaving a phone message, which by the way I am horrendous at. My friends have forbidden me to leave any messages for men that I am interested in. Once I went on and on about the weather on this guys voice mail, while my friend made choking gestures, lol. I was flustered!