To Market, To Market

If I seem a little distracted lately, it's because I've been doing some hard thinking about my current career path and my short- and long-term career goals. And I plan to be distracted for the rest of the week, while I continue to work on my goals (and my resume and my clips).

Meanwhile, here are a few more job search links for your browsing pleasure. I'll add them to the job search section in the sidebar (lower right-hand side of this page) later.

The Burry Man Writers Center has a huge list of links to freelance job listings and other resources for writers. The Association of Alternative Weeklies has help wanted page with a handful of editorial positions, though some are outdated. Then, of course, there's Editor & Publisher, which has a national classifieds jobs section. No one I know has ever gotten a job that way, but I guess you never know.

That's it for now. I need to go obsess over my resume and fret over my ancient and yellowed newspaper clips.


Robert said...

I've never tried free-lancing--too intimidating, I think. How often do you land work like that?

Gienna said...

Robert -- Not often enough, lately. Which is the problem. When things were good, I had enough work to keep me busy most days and I was earning a comfortable living. Right now things are slow, and they've been slow for a while, despite my best efforts at finding work.

That's the thing about freelancing. It's fine as long as the work keeps flowing and so long as you have a safety net in case it stops flowing for a while.

It's a tight-rope walk. Lots of fun, but not terribly stable. And my safety net is starting to get dangerously thin.

Visual-Field said...

Good luck with the job search!