Late February Sky

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I took this photograph in late February, around 5:30 p.m. I was hoping for a good sunset, but it was too cloudy and the sun went down without much fanfare. I like the color of the sky in this picture, but if I had PhotoShop I would definitely tweak it. I would like to bring out the white of the surf and the little shells and rocks in the foreground and also brighten up the clouds on the horizon line.

I think sometimes that people overdo the whole post-processing thing. There's a certain point where the photograph looks manipulated and fake. But I'm not opposed to it. Although it's easier to do with digital photographs, it's not like you couldn't manipulate your prints when you made them in a darkroom with film and an enlarger. You just used different techniques and tools. In school, we used to burn and dodge with funny little wands and cutouts we cobbled together from wires and cardboard and masking tape. You could fix a lot of problems in the darkroom. You could still go overboard with the burning and dodging and use of filters, though. I guess it's no different just because you're using a computer program instead.

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Visual-Field said...

I agree with everything you say here. I have no problem with post-processing; certainly Ansel Adams, to take just one example, did all sorts of manipulation when printing. On the other hand I think it is sometimes overdone. Highly saturated photos seem to be in fashion right now. I suspect in 5 years we may look at a lot of these photos and think they look oversaturated.

Anyway, I like your image the way it is.