Who wants Ice cream?

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I took these photographs years ago at the local library's ice cream sundae party for kids who took part in the summer reading program. I was working for the Melrose Free Press at the time--I was just out of high school. If I took this picture today, I would stand right in front of the speaker to get a more head-on view of the kids' faces.

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Personally, I like this photo better. It's more intimate and it shows the ice cream and the awards. They were both published, along with a third that I can't lay my hands on at the moment. But the owner/publisher liked the first one best, because he knew that all those kids' parents would be buying several copies of the paper that week. You see cute faces. He saw dollar signs and circulation numbers.

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Katie said...

Hey G,
I've been so so so busy....
Love the pics. I wonder if Jesse was there????
Do you want to go to the gym or for a walk tonight...???
Let me know. Did you get my message????
KKK (as Matt would say making fun of my 20 yr old easter egg)