Kids These Days

Katie and I were walking the dog on the beach the other afternoon. It was cold and windy, and on the way back we started walking faster and faster as the sun set and the cold seeped through our clothes. Suddenly I remembered those corduroys we used to wear when we were kids, the brightly-colored ones that went snick-snick-snick when you walked. The ones that, in cold weather, left the skin of your legs red and chapped.

I wondered aloud why that doesn’t happen anymore, and Katie said it’s because they make nicer pants nowadays. Softer material. No big seams running down the inner thighs.

“Kids these days don’t know how good they have it!” I said. “When we were young our pants made us bleed!”

[Fifty Words: Tall Tale]


Anonymous said...

Cute story,

J9 said...

Is this your entry on the subject of Tall Tales?

msdedi said...

so very funny and TRUE!

Gienna said...

anon-- I'm cute! She thinks I'm cute!
J9 -- I know, I should have told the story about the time you abandoned me at the train station, but I was afraid you would get mad at me!
msdedi -- Well, not so much true. But I'm glad you think it's funny.