Mysterious Doings

The new Fifty Words writing prompt is up. This week's challenge is to write a tall tale.

Something really strange is going on with my templates. If you look at the sidebar on the Fifty Words site, under the "previous challenge" section, you can see my little spacers, which are supposed to make the list of entries nice and neat, with one entry on each line. The word "space" is supposed to be the same color as the background, so you can't see it. And when I look at my template, the code looks right to me -- I didn't change it, anyway, and it worked before, OK? So why is the text suddenly showing up black?

And on this site, all of my photos suddenly and inexplicably have spaces between the pictures and the borders. This has messed up the spacing for posts like this one, which used to have two pictures side by side in a row. And again, I didn't do anything to the code. So why would it all of a sudden change?

Is there a ghost in the machine? Or have my amateur attempts at tweaking my template finally caught up with me?


Mr. Fun said...

There probably is a missing quote someplace, a reversed bracket, a semicolon instead of a colon. I've tried to construct with html before and stuff like that would drive me mad. Why isn't this happening?!? And just about every time it was some unimagineably small thing.

Gienna said...

I took your advice and went back and looked at every little thing a second time and I did figure out what was wrong with the pictures, so they're back to normal. But I *swear* I never touched that section to begin with!