Still Crazy After All These Haircuts

Why do hairdressers always try to convince me to flip my hair out at the bottom? Do they really think the flip-do is going to come back all these years later? Do they really think that it should? Have they never seen pictures of that girl? Or, worse, this girl?

I'm very happy with my new haircut. I look a little less back-woodsy now, though I guess I still look a little crazy. That's not exactly something you can fix with a $20 wash, cut and blow dry.


Anonymous said...

You're not that girl and you're not this girl, but the do is ALL THAT girl. GO girl.

Audrey said...

I like the *new cut*. It is natural. My hair tends to flip if I don't keep a rein on it. Nice pic by the way.

Visual-Field said...

I can't believe there's a web site devoted to That Girl. I can believe there's a caricature of Marilyn Quayle on the web, but I wish you hadn't made me look at it. Your haircut looks good, though.