Details, Details

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I'm in a picture-y mood again and since I'm working on two writing assignments, both due in the next few days, I'll probably be in a picture-y mood tomorrow and through the weekend as well. Luckily, I have plenty of recent photographs that I haven't posted yet.

The bad news is that I think my camera is on the fritz again. I took a bunch of pictures last night and the focus was off on all of them. If I have to give up my camera for an extended period like the last time this happened, I am not going to be a happy camper.

Man, the comments over at Quarlo have gotten nasty. Todd Gross is a fabulous photographer, shares his work with the general public for free, and has archives that could keep you occupied for days. But when he stops for a while his so-called fans start demanding new posts, calling him names and saying his work isn't that good, anyway. Yikes.

There's a funny article on the Editor & Publisher site on the possible identities of Deep Throat (see yesterday's post). Rehnquist has taken the lead in the poll that accompanies the article. (Click here.)

[Lensday: "red"]


Visual-Field said...

I like the photo, and hope your camera has a speedy recovery. I want to know who Deep Throat is, too.

PKD said...

I slammed down the blower in a steaming blue funk. Then, I changed into a red one and went out. My guns were straining eagerly in my jeans. I took them out and fired them. I was sure to find the killer this way. I was wrong. Three hundred and sixty bodies wrong. Reloading, I got to thinking. Then drinking. When I think I drink. That's me all over.