Lessons in Abstract from Baltimore

These photos are way different from my usual style. I vividly remember learning about abstract art in high school. I liked the idea of it. I just had trouble doing it. And so, after that week's assignment was handed in, I turned my back on the whole concept. I decided that I don't do abstract.

This week I was doing the Baltimoreans' most recent assignment, "utensils," arranging my pretty silver in pretty poses in pretty light. I had an antique creamer. I had blueberries. I had a linen cloth embroidered with birds. And then these photos happened.

Now, I'm not saying they're the best photos I've ever taken. But they are a reminder of how important it is to try new things. To learn from others. To look at their work and be inspired. It's also a reminder that you don't stop learning when you leave high school or college. That you never get so good at anything--be it writing or photography or butchering, baking or candlestick-making--that you can't learn something new or do something better.

Or at least do something different.


Katie said...

Uhm hello,
I guess you watched the Pats win at another location!
Nice photos, and I'm impressed that you are up and ready to blog on a lovely Mon. morn. I have a few stories to tell you if you ever called.. (I think I sound like a stalker!)

Katie said...

I also had a website for you to check out. (blog I think?) From the Globe article on Fri.

claire-obscure said...

These are wonderful! I find the top one especially intricate and beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Excellent photography. You are correct about learning once we leave formal education behind. In my opinion we don't start learning until we have advanced past formal instruction.


luminouslens said...

These really are abstract! It took me a little while to figure out what it was. But now that I see, I really like it. I especially like the bottom one because it's especially abstract, and I like the contrast between the bright metal, the sharp white spaces, and the dark shadows underneath.

Visual-Field said...

Nice work! I agree completely about the value of trying new things. Aside from the opportunity to get together with friends, the best thing about the photo group is that it forces me to take types of photographs I would never have tried on my own. I also enjoy seeing how the others have approached the assignment -- everyone comes up with something I would never have thought to try.