Writers are Nice People

The Fifty Words entries have been coming in slowly but steadily. Everyone seems to have approached the assignment in a slightly different way, which makes them all the more interesting to read. What's more, if you follow the links to the entries you will see that they all have really thoughtful, supportive, interesting comments on them from other participants. What, you thought that writers would be mean to each other?

If there is anyone out there who was thinking about participating, but is holding back for whatever reason, just go for it. And remember, if you don't have a web site, or if your site doesn't seem like an appropriate space to post your writing (hello, my photoblogging friends), you can submit up to 200 words for this week's challenge and I'll post it on the site in its entirety. I guess if you were being a really big scaredy-cat, you could submit your writing under "anonymous." Don't worry, your secret would be safe with me.

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