Blogger's Got a Brand New (Comments) Bag

OK, you should really check this out. Blogger has redesigned their comments system. *

The new system lets you read the post *and* other people's comments, which is helpful when you are responding to a previous comment (before you could only read the post). Also, comments from registered Blogger users have little profile pictures next to them, which is kind of fun.

But the *best* part is that you no longer have to choose between having a Blogger account and posting as anonymous. Choosing the new third option, "other," allows people without Blogger user names to enter their signature and a link to their web site (if they have one). No Blogger account necessary.

In fact, if you *do* have a Blogger account, but prefer that your name link to your web page instead of your profile, you can do so by choosing "other" and putting your Blogger user name and the URL of your blog in the form. No picture that way, but at least your link doesn't go to the profile pages, which haven't been updated since Blogger turned off the stats collection feature in October.

One last thing--I'm going to try to change my template so that clicking on the "comment(s)" link on the main page takes you directly to the new comments system. For now, to see the changes, you have to click on the "comment(s)" link first, then scroll down and click on "Post a Comment." That will bring you to the new page.

Anyhoo, I think it's easier. Leave a comment and let me know what you think or if you have any problems. Tell me what book you're currently reading -- I'm always looking for suggestions.

* This link should take you directly to the new comments page.


Gienna said...

I'm reading Michael Chrichton's "Prey," which is about computer programming gone wrong, appropriately enough. I wanted a page-turner, something I could plow through in a few days. So far, so good.

I'm loving this new comment system.

Robert said...

I'm struggling to find time to read this week. New camera obsession has done me in entirely.

The new comments are good. I have a blogger account that I don't use. I'll have to get a decent picture posted there to take advantage of the new fun feature.