Fifty Words

Well. As an ex of mine used to say, "That went over like a lead fart." More great comments in Thursday's post. But no answers to my meme questions in Saturday's post. And I blew 100 Blog Explosion and Blog Clicker credits yesterday, to boot.

Maybe I should be more direct.

I have an idea for a writing meme called Fifty Words. Here's the premise: Each week there’s a new writing prompt. You post your response to the prompt on your site, with a link back to the meme site. Then you send me fifty words from your post and I put them on the meme site with a link back to you.

What do you think? Is this something you would participate in, either as a writer or as a reader? Any questions as to how it would work? Do you see any problems? Do you have any suggestions?

Hello? Is this thing on?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Gienna:

Sounds like a grand idea. I would be happy to participate.


Galileo said...

As an already regular reader of your 'blog, I'm sure I'd check out your writing site frequently. However, as a pretty crappy writer (from a creative standpoint, anyway) it would have to be a pretty special writing prompt for me to think I had something worthy to submit. I'd love to try, though, and who knows... I might even improve a little. :-)

Mr. Fun said...

I'd do it.

And the song I'm listening to right now is pretty bumpin'.

Visual-Field said...

I think it's a good idea and you should try it. That's the only way to know whether people will participate. The trick will be coming up with stimulating prompts.

Gienna said...

Well, now, that better!

I agree that the prompts would have to be enticing. More than just a word, but not overwhelming, either. Also, my aim would be to get people of all levels of experience to participate. That's how we learn, you know? And even the most expert-y expert doesn't know everything.

Want a sneak peak? Here's what I've got so far:
Fifty Words.