A Happy Accident

You know how sometimes you take a picture of something and you're disappointed with the result, because the photograph doesn't reflect what you saw when you snapped the shutter button? Well, when I took this picture I was trying to do the Photo Friday "distorted" challenge. I was trying to capture the reflections in the shop window and the reflections in the mirror on the back wall of the shop, hoping to get a distorted double-image of the street. But it wasn't working. Katie was just standing there, waiting patiently while I tried different things, and I snapped a few pictures of her and her reflection. And the picture came out better than it looked in real life. I haven't done anything to it--the blues and the pinks and the soft spots of light from the street lamps and traffic signals--it was all just a happy accident.

1 comment:

Katie said...

What no one posts on my photo! I love the lights in the back ground, very metropolitan!