I Can't Help It - I Want to Know

OK, I don't want anyone to die, for goodness' sake. But the prospect of learning the identity of Deep Throat, a mystery for 30 years, is kind of exciting. John W. Dean, former White House counsel and author, writes in the L.A. Times that "Bob Woodward, a reporter on the team that covered the Watergate story, has advised his executive editor at the Washington Post that Throat is ill. And Ben Bradlee, former executive editor of the Post and one of the few people to whom Woodward confided his source's identity, has publicly acknowledged that he has written Throat's obituary."

[via MediaBistro]

L.A. Times: Should We Jail Deep Throats? (Stupid, stupid login required.)

Has anyone checked George Bush the elder's pulse lately?*

*Oops, mom says he was at the Superbowl yesterday. So maybe Chief Justice William Rehnquist? (This link is old, but the section on Rehnquist is pretty funny when you read between the lines.)

Hey, maybe it's the Pope!

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Katie said...

This must be a generational thing. I really have no feelings about who is or is not deep throat. Do you think that is strange? I might say oh that's interesting, but I wouldn't be deeply shocked.