And More Details

Two more photos that go with the one I posted yesterday.

I just rearranged my bedroom to accommodate a leaking pipe and ended up with a huge blank wall where a tall bookcase used to be. I'd like to get some photos printed and framed but I am totally broke right now. I'm also not always happy with the quality of prints from the online services. Ofoto seems to be the best of them, but it's hit or miss. Skin tones, especially, are terrible. I wonder if it's worth it to get a CD burner in order to bring them to the local photo place?


Robert said...

Would they be able to pull them from a thumb drive? That would be cheaper than adding a CD burner if it'll solve the problem.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever tried What do you think? Or,

Gienna said...

Robert -- I'll check that out, it's a good idea. I've always kind of wanted one of those, anyway. Didn't realize they were cheaper. Also, I have a zip drive. Maybe that would work, too. For that matter, I wonder if I could just put the images I wanted to print back on my camera's memory card.

See, this is why I don't like thinking about technology. There's never just one simple and obvious option to a problem.

Gienna said...

Me again. I'm just checking out the new Blogger comments system, posting as "other" and adding my name and web page manually.