Screaming Memes

There's an interesting conversation going on in the comments section of Thursday's post. Feel free to contribute your two cents there. But I'd like input on something else, as well. As you may or may not have guessed, I'm toying with the idea of starting a writing meme. But I'm trying to figure out how to make it work. How to make it really great. So that it is a source of inspiration for both writers and for readers.

There are a lot of different kinds of memes out there. One type is Photo Friday, which has a new challenge each week and links to the contributors' web sites via frames. It's pretty elaborate. One Word is an example of a writing meme in which the contributions are published on the site itself. It's a pretty simple site. You can check out some of the responses to recent challenges here and here. Other memes are even more low-tech. Someone starts a thread and others reproduce it on their own site, linking back to the original. An example of that would be the "three pictures" meme that went around a few months back. Jen Garrett did it on her site. You can read the explanation here and see her results here.

Some memes work and some do not. That's where you come in. Tell me -- what makes a meme great? What captures your attention and makes you want to participate? What elements are most important? Is it the quality of the challenge? The extra traffic it brings to your site? What makes you want to look at others' contributions? And what turns you off?

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Thanks in advance for what I know will be your brilliant and helpful feedback!


Anonymous said...

One thing about the One Word site. The writing really sucks the big one.

Big J said...

I checked out that one word site. Whatever people think about the quality of the writing, I like the creativity involved. I like your blog. Meme talk is always a good thing. Hope you're loving life.

The Zero Boss said...

Hey, Blogger now pops up comments in a separate window. Leaping into the 21st century!

Anyway, I assume you already know about Blogging for Books. I receive a fair number of well-done submissions each month (around 15-25). The quality started off shaky, but as time wore on the competition grew more fierce. That's my first suggestion: whatever you decide to do, give it time to grow and mature.

(P.S. There's also the Short and Sweet contest at