Tiny Gangstas & Frankenstein Hands

I miss my digital camera. Since it's been out for repairs, I have seen: a gorgeous, bright orange sunset over the reflective surface of a marsh surrounded by fall folliage; pink mists hovering on the horizon of a deep blue sky at dusk; a line of surfers bobbing in black wet suits, waiting for an approaching wave; the red-tinged moon eclipsed by the earth's shadow on the night the Red Sox won the World Series; a pack of very tiny poodles that looked like they either escaped the circus or were members of a gang; a truck with a large Frankenstein tied to the top, his green hands grasping at puffy clouds in a blue sky; and the dog holding a bright red leaf in her mouth by the stem.

Here are some of the places I go to get my photo fix: Quarlo (My favorite--this photographer is seriously talented); Chromasia (kind of hit or miss, but when he hits, boy, does he hit); skyshots (two photographers, both young, the pics are interesting and varied); (good for browsing and finding new photo sites). Just for fun, check out Parking Spaces, too. I am SO going to do that when I get my camera back.

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