On Poetry and Being 19

I've been meaning to post about Eleran, who always leaves great comments, especially the time he said this picture looked like a hairball. He left a particularly excellent one on this post (scroll down to see his contribution). Eleran has a really nice poetry blog called Amid Rushes and Reeds. It is a minimalist site, one poem per page, updated two or three times a week, and so is very easy to read. His poems are filled with interesting images and evocative language. I enjoy reading them.

I also wanted to thank StuckHereWithNoTV for responding to my request for quotes on writing. Click here and scroll down to read her contributions. She and Eleran were the only ones to respond, and she made up in part for the pitifully underwhelming response by posting two really good quotes.

StuckHere's site, Bumps and Bruises of a Virgin, is an account of someone who is new to the craft of writing. Remember being 19 and falling in love with words? Remember being in j-school and having no idea if you would ever get a job at an actual newspaper? Remember freaking out because you can't get jobs without clips and you can't get clips without a job? Remember idealizing that older male journalism prof?


Well, I do. And reading this blog brings it all back. Plus, I liked the way she tweaked her "posted by" line.


Eleran said...

Very kind of you to say such nice things about my site. I'll have to find a good way to describe the blush on my cheeks just now.

StuckHereWithNoTV said...

Hey, thanks for mentioning my blog. :) Rest assured that I type, delete, and stare at the comments I leave for five minutes, too.