Just Call Me Bill

There is no post today. I am in a gloomy, rotten, awful mood. And the post I just wrote got gobbled up by an internal server error. And I'm not going to write another one. So just go away. Seriously.

I know I should be happy, what with all the history-making and the World Series-winning. But I'm not. Do you really want to know what happened? Why? It's just going to depress you.

OK, fine. Last night the dog unplugged my keyboard. It took me a while to figure out what was wrong and then it took me a while to fix it. Even after I got the keyboard plugged back in, I had to run troubleshooting and restart my computer a few times.

Meanwhile, fiddling with the computer distracted me from responding to a freelance job offer. By the time I got everything all squared away, it was late and so I decided to respond in the morning. The project was posted at the end of the day yesterday. This morning, I saw that it had already been assigned. And, obviously, not to me.

I let the ball slip through my legs. And even the reverse of a curse isn't making me feel any better.

See, I told you it was depressing.

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Anonymous said...

Chin up! There will be other jobs. You are a sought-after professional. And soon--a novelist. Your advice has been hugely helpful to me. Take some yourself--reach out to the possible assigner, explain the problem, apologize, ask for another chance in future. And make a new contact of some sort today, for good measure. And give yourself a treat--a walk, a hot bath, whatever you like.

:) rcas