One Can Only Hope

Fox 25’s new morning anchor Kim Carrigan slipped this morning: “Well, by this time next week, hopefully, we’ll have a new president.” (awkward pause, blank stare) "Or, of course, a president, period.”

Nice recovery, Kim. Nice recovery.

You know, it took me forever to write this little post because I wanted to make sure I got Carrigan's name right and there's scant current, reliable information about her on the web. Carrigan is not new to the Boston market, but she did just recently move to Fox 25 news from WBZ4 news, replacing Jodi Applegate. As I write this, Fox 25 still has a picture of Applegate on their morning news page, although they did take her off the News Team page, leaving poor Gene Lavanchy as the only "co-host" listed there. Meanwhile, still lists Carrigan as the 7 news anchor and Lavanchy as the sports editor at 7. You want an idea how old that picture is? Just look at his honkin' big glasses.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, this blog has saved me from wondering what happened to Jodi Applegate - I'm not kidding -it was actually bothering me. Now what about Kim or is it Kerri?, the one on channel 4 (with the dark hair)She is missing also.

Chus said...

This is what I think: Jodi Applegate