Hands in the Sugar Cookie Jar

Today I wrote an article about childhood obesity. The story included a section on what lawmakers in Washington are doing about it. I really, really wanted to subhead that section: "When Fat is Outlawed, Only Outlaws will be Fat."

I'm sensing a trend developing, here.

By the way, did you know that there's a sugar lobby? Well, of course you knew that, even if you didn't know you knew it. But would you believe they have the cubes to be involved in re-writing the Food Guide Pyramid? There's a great article about the whole process in the September 17 Christian Science Monitor called "A capital food fight over diet guidelines."

If you can't find the article there, try Google's cache view of the page, here. This is a good way to foil sites that are vicious about archiving their stories, by the way. Don't want to pay to read an eight-day-old New York Times article? If you know the headline you don't have to. Go to Google and do a search for the headline of the article, in quotes. Look to the right of the URL line, after the description and click on the word "Cached."

If you can't find the article you need that way, your local library probably has a subscription to online newspaper archives that you can use for free from your home computer. Yeah, I love Google. But I love libraries (and librarians) more.

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